Project Description


Song Xin, Still life series- old vase, 2016, Magazine collage on Mylar, 36”x 36” inch (91.4 cm diameter)

Song Xin, Brain water series #21, 2022, Papercut collage on mixed paper, 18”x 21” inch (45.7 × 53.3 cm)

Since 2022 with Red Zone Arts

What’s next:

2022 Art Paris Art Fair, „Même les souvenirs sont..“ (with artist Du Zhenjun, Aliska Lahusen, Lifang and Luo Mingjun)

2022, April: Frankfurt solo exhibition “ Tigerpapers

Song Xin is an artist born in 1970 in Beijing, China.

Xin Song studied at the celebrated Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), in Beijing, with Lu Shengzhon, one of the great contemporary masters of paper cut or Jianzhi. In 1990, she graduated as top student from the Beijing Haidian Art Vocational School. In 1994, she specialized at the Graduated Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China.

From Beijing, the centre of Chinese cultural valorisation, she finds herself in New York, a patchwork city of all the world’s cultures. There, Song Xin collects images from societies whose acculturated limits clash with and intrude on thé American way of life. What touches Song Xin most deeply is the immodest spillage of porn magazines. Her series Life=Sex? and Lust/Caution are not about moral judgement. They are series that speak of outrageousness, voyeurism, and the super-commercialization of objects of pleasure. Song Xin draws her inspiration from the very heart of pornographic and fashion images. The blades of her cutting tools cut into the paper, fragment the image and the text, distort the message, and shatter our codes of recognition. We are in front of a broken mirror and are trying to put the scattered pieces together. But by restructuring the world of consumption and media, we obtain another reading which, in turn, will fly into ephemeral shards that will have to be deciphered again. It is thé infinite that Song Xin brings into play here. Her cut-outs are a reflection on the creation, perception and appropriation of the image in our societies where communication is increasingly based on visuals.

Song Xin has exhibited in China and since the 2000s in New York, both of which are major exhibition centres, although her work has also been shown in Asia and Europe. Her first exhibition „the point of the infinity“ at the Red Zone Gallery in Geneva was in 2011, the same year that Song Xin participated in the Paper Art Biennial National Art Gallery, in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2013, Song Xin exhibited at the National Art Museum of China. Song Xin also exhibited in France at the Salon Art 2014, National Society of Fine Arts, Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. Song Xin was revered at the Venice Biennale in 2017 and in Greece at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete in Rethymnon. In the USA, her exhibitions at the Noyes Museum of Art of New Jersey 2017, Staten island museum in 2016 have had a great media response. Song Xin’s awards and publications are numerous, leading to teaching and TV appearances in the US and China. Art collectors appreciate Song Xin’s artworks, but also walkers, as Song Xin’s artworks – including her sculptures and large-scale installations – can be found in many public spaces in the US, such as „Five Elements“ for the Fashion District’s Broadway Boulevard Plaza, a permanent installation at the Bay Parkway Landmark Station, D Line in Brooklyn and an installation for the 100th anniversary celebration of Grand Central, Ps170k public school lobby in Brooklyn.

Song Xin lives and works between the USA and China.